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Lomi Lomi is a transformative and highly spiritual form of body work that originated thousands of years ago in Old Polynesia. While many forms of Lomi Lomi have been passed down among Hawaiians from generation to generation, Lomi Ka 'Ala Hoku was developed in ancient Temples and delivered only by Kahunas (Master Healers) as a ‘Rite of Passage’ ceremony.  The intention was to help clear the recipient’s spiritual slate of unresolved issues and help them gain clarity about their intended life-path forward.

The English translation for Lomi Ka 'Ala Hoku, “Massage Journey to the Stars,” represents the spiritual transformative experience for which this form of bodywork is known.  Ancient Hawaiians believed it could actually rearrange the DNA and affected lineage of the recipient. The intention of the Lomi Lomi practitioner is to facilitate a state of Ho'oponopono for the recipient,  which means ‘Conflict free and Aligned with the Divine’.

Based on a Martial Art form called ‘Lua’, a Lomi Lomi massage becomes a moving meditation for the practitioner.  Ideally the bodywork is performed in a harmonious environment or ‘sacred space’ accompanied by traditional Hawaiian music. The practitioner begins the massage with a prayer or blessing for the recipient and a hands-on scan of the body to discern areas of tension or restricted movement.  Next a combination of passive joint movements are used to relax, re-position and warm up the body before applying pure coconut oil or an aromatherapy/oil blend.

The real magic of the Lomi Lomi massage begins as the practitioner begins moving around the table applying smooth, rhythmic, repetitive strokes to various parts of the body using their hands, fingers and forearms.  While Lomi Lomi uses an unlimited number of body-work strokes and techniques, each massage is customized for the recipient, creatively combining strokes and applying them where ever needed.

The Lomi Ka 'Ala Hoku practitioner also practices ‘pule’ or prayer-full intention.  They release all prejudice and ego, and find a place of acceptance of their clients’ uniqueness and where they are in their life’s journey. 

While some recipients of this practice report feeling a deep sense of calm and peace following their massage, others describe it as being more emotionally profound.  In most cases, the recipients report that the experience opened their hearts, leaving them with an enhanced sense of love, well-being and connection to themselves and others.


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