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Covid Precautions

I am fully vaccinated and am also currently providing massage therapy only to other fully vaccinated individuals, unless of course, they are medically exempt by their doctor due to health reasons.  This is so my clients and I can both relax and enjoy the variety of treatments I offer with complete peace of mind.

Though we would all love to have this pandemic behind us, the virus unfortunately continues to surge and recede in waves, though in much lower numbers than earlier this year. California officially reopened on June 15 -- yet within weeks, LA County as well as other counties had to roll-back their open-policies and re-instate masks and other precautions due to a resurgence in cases, hospitalizations and deaths. The vast majority of those case are among unvaccinated people according to federal, state and local health officials.

I understand that a sizable segment of the eligible population is hesitant to get the vaccine. And though the personal risk of illness due to Covid to younger populations may be lower than their elders, the risk remains high for our children, those that cannot get the vaccine, and to our community in general, particularly considering the danger of evolving variants that compromise the efficacy of the current vaccines. Sadly, without "herd immunity," this pandemic could continue for a very long time. 

I understand that a person who chooses not to get the vaccine is not mandated to do so.  However, in the interest of my own safety and the safety of my family, my friends and for all those I personally come in contact with, it is my choice to provide massage therapy services solely to vaccinated individuals.

I hope this explains my reasoning, and also serves as encouragement for anyone who hasn’t gotten the vaccination to consider doing it … not only for the sake of vulnerable or immunocompromised individuals, but also for the recovery of our economy.   

Over 161 million people in the United States are fully vaccinated, and it and has proven to be extremely safe and effective.  I truly believe it is one of the greatest gifts and miracles of our time.

I'm praying that this pandemic will soon be behind us and that we can look back on this time with new insight and understanding.

God bless.



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